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October 18th, 2021

ricmac This week I go through @ireaderinokun’s excellent ‘state of PWAs’ presentation at @PwaSummit. Feature parity with native apps is the goal of Progressive Web Apps, and it’s remarkable how close some PWAs are to native apps now (except, of course, on iOS).…

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HTML: Opportunity, Disruption, or Wedge—”[Non-human-readable HTML] was well ahead of its time, as today even the source to the simplest webpage is impossible for a human to digest without tools. Everyone abuses HTML”. @stevesii⁩ on HTML in MS Of……

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stefanjudis 🔥 Quick SVG tip: the paint order of SVG stroke and fill is configurable. 🙈


Video alt: Example showing how a different paint order helps with SVGs with high stroke width to look funny.

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