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October 27th, 2021

RT @ChromiumDev: 🥳 Workshops, lounges, office hours, oh my!

Save your spot at #ChromeDevSummit and learn new skills! Hear from industry ex…

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@kilianvalkhof @patrickbrosset Thanks for filing these issues! Great feedback!

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RT @ChromiumDev: Picking colors 🎨 of any pixel on the screen with the EyeDropper API: by @patrickbrosset and @tomay…

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RT @hdv: The Web Applications WG at W3C is working on a spec for Web App Manifests. @AaronGustafson wrote about some ways to enhance such m…

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RT @jensimmons: With the release of macOS Monterey this week, read all about the web technology that’s shipping in WebKit along with Safari…

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Firefox Nightly users can now activate @globalprivctrl Global Privacy Control settings by toggling `privacy.globalprivacycontrol.enabled` and `privacy.globalprivacycontrol.functionality.enabled` in about:config. ðŸ

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RT @malchata: didn’t have a metric page for TTFB, so I decided to fix that:

Big thanks to…

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@bramus Since I went to look up the source of this screenshot I might as well save someone else the effort: System requirements for Photoshop on the web (beta):

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@samthor @brianleroux Totally going to tell people the story this way from now on, but the truth is that this were just the Adobe-provided stock photos and the elephant looked bad when cropped to the hero image format of 3200x960, so I went with the islan

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@briankardell @slightlylate With virtual TPAC you get the best of both worlds: jet lag with 7am meetings and 11pm meetings on one day (plus your regular day work) paired with the same “are you there, folks are waiting for your preso?” anxiety. 🙃

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@TheRealPomax @BenDelarre @avindra @brianleroux Looking at your affiliation, Mozilla were asked and actively engaged in the conversation: and are just two examples of features that the app depends upon.

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Yes, Photoshop on the Web ( is launching initially as “Chromium-only”, but Adobe is working with other vendors so they implement the lacking Project Fugu 🐡 APIs and Wasm features the app depends upon. ⤵️

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slightlylate Photoshop on the web is huge. But beyond that, what it signifies is a Big Freaking Deal.

When the web gains features to support high-end productivity, those same capabilities can be combined to unlock whole new classes of apps that suddenly don’t require heavyweight installs.

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@jaffathecake @rauschma Came here to say this! Browsers could do a better job at surfacing alternative stylesheets for sure.

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@mhartington “Never miss a shared photo” implies they would send you a notification when a share happens. Since the Push API isn’t shipped (but apparently now implemented) in Safari, the app experience is arguably “better”. For the record, I don@jerem

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