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October 20th, 2021

@alexey_rodionov @quicksave2k Very well aware, and super grateful to François for implementing this. 😃

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@digitarald @patrickbrosset Some documentation from the Chromium side for folks following along:… and…. Happy to answer questions regarding any of this.

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The @code team’s write-up gives great insights into what the tool currently does and will do in the future:….

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🤩 Wow, VS Code is now live as a web app for good: It uses the File System Access API and the Async Clipboard API, but is not installable quite yet. I hope this will be coming soon.…

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@steren Yes, it’s based on a Wasm port of See… (still needs some polishing, but works fine).

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Teasing what I’m busy with: A responsive Progressive Web App for converting raster images 🎨 to color SVGs 📐. Powered by Potrace, progressively enhanced by:
💾 File System Access API
📋 Async Clipboard API
🪟 Window Controls Overlay
🖱 File

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@daviddalbusco On the Web app on iOS saving goals doesn’t work. For the iOS app, once I save a goal there’s no way to go back to the overview. I’d be nice to see a list of all saved goals.

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@TheRealNooshu Fingers crossed that it’ll be eliminated from your brain rather sooner than later. 🧠 ☢️

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