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October 5th, 2021

If you’ve been too busy and couldn’t work on a dark theme 🌒 for your site (instructions: &… now a strictly opt-_in_ way to have the browser create a dark mode for your site automatically.

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@Not_Woods Nice, looking forward to playing with this!

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Follow the entire thread by @samweinig on Apple’s `<model>` ( proposal ⤵️. Favorite bit: “[W]e are totally committed to supporting WebGL/WebGPU and WebXR. Just take a look at the recent commits in this directory (https://t.

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@Una Mazel tov! Congratulations! <3

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I’m a big fan of honest, blame-free, and public post mortems. Judging from the outside, Facebook has done a decent job at balancing sharing internal technical details and making the report understandable for people with a general tech background. #HugOp

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@KevinPicchi Also see where we have collected some requirements for better printing in a Project Fugu 🐡 bug. (@voxpelli)

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annevk For the first time in quite a while, there is a new WHATWG Standard: Web IDL! Thanks to @heycam and @w3c for many years of stewardship.

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@paulcalvano What’s your explanation for this? My theory is that the tracking happens at the native app level and that the WebView data is purely content-focused.

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@mhartington @othermaciej Thanks from my end as well. Just dug out my previous tweet where I mentioned this:

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