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October 26th, 2021

ChromiumDev 🎉 Fantastic announcement from our partner Adobe at their annual @adobemax conference: Photoshop 🎨 is coming to the Web!

👉 Read up on how the Adobe and the Chrome team managed this incredible achievement and go check out the beta!

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@micahjme Adding a link might help people actually watch it:

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GNUmanth Unicode Segmentation in…

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rniwa_dev Want to see improvements to Safari / WebKit on macOS & iOS?

The WebKit team at Apple is hiring!

Join us to improve the web platform on Apple platforms while protecting user’s privacy.…

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suptweet noun

sup·​tweet | \ ˈsəp-ˌtwēt \
plural suptweets

A usually laudatory or positive tweet that alludes to another Twitter user with including a link to the user’s account and often with directly mentioning the user’s name, but without…

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(While you wait for further details, watch “Bringing your app to app stores”, by @micahjme from the recent .)…

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@scottjehl @slightlylate People have extended the built-in (and required) `WKWebView` with, for example, via a JavaScript bridge to native code (example:…), but this cannot work around potential rendering issues you in

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ChromeDevTools ✨ What’s new in DevTools (Chrome 96) ✨

🌈 The long-awaited CSS Overview panel is now available for preview!
💟 Emulate CSS prefers-contrast
♠️ Emulate Chrome’s Auto Dark Theme
🗒 Copy CSS declarations as JavaScript

And more! Try in Chrome Canary.

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@AdaRoseCannon Hard same. Plus “web 3” and “web 3.0”. I love that muting also affects what you get for API calls, so it works with third-party Twitter clients.

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@jaffathecake To be quite honest I think there’s nothing wrong with the naivest method in your examples of initializing an empty array and then doing whatever you need in a loop. I could understand this code even with a massive hangover.

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