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October 17th, 2021

@fabiospampinato @electronjs You can use DOMPurify by default (but lazy-loaded), and the new built-in API as a progressive enhancement. I’m a big fan of this pattern.

if (!(‘api’ in Foo)) {
await import(‘./api.js’);
// …

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@simevidas Slightly related: as a kid, when playing on my dad’s computer that had a QWERTZ keyboard, I always thought the word “yes” for some weird reason needed to be entered by typing ‘z’. Are you sure? Zes!

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@dfabu @ChromiumDev @Paul_Kinlan Yeah, it certainly isn’t everyone’s jam, but the video view counts fio21 for individual sessions unfortunately tell a different story.

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RT @addyosmani: Learn how to reduce the impact embeds can have on your site’s performance: Includes a new layout s…

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@dfabu @ChromiumDev We changed the format essentially due to “Zoom fatigue”. @Paul_Kinlan has channeled some of the more nuanced thoughts that went into the decision in his (draft) blog post:

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My pinned tab 🔌 browser setup is work Gmail, private Gmail, work Calendar,… That is, I use multiple accounts in one Chrome profile. It’s not widely known that URLs like support this. Thanks, ⁦@stefanjudis⁩, for documenti

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Blaming Screen Readers 🚩×5: Great post by ⁦@aardrian⁩ on how screen readers deal with emoji- or text-based memes. Be sure to also read his tips on improving your tweets’ accessibility:

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