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October 23rd, 2021

@simevidas Oh no. Hope you get better soon!

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@AdaRoseCannon This sounds like a fun demo to plug an Ambient Light Sensor in:

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@hdv “Alcohol-free wine is hip and (almost) tasty.” (If my Dutch-German guesslator doesn’t fail me.) 😂 It took me a long time to settle on an alcohol-free beer (settled on Jever Fun) that I like, but I haven’t tried wine yet.

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RT @slightlylate: This article is a good restatement of many of the problems with Apple exerting unilateral control over browser engines on…

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@patrickbrosset (Tiny correction: The Chromium-based @brave browser has the File System Access API disabled.)

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The whole list of classic and modern ways for dealing with files in the browser, by @patrickbrosset. ⤵️ (Quick reminder that I maintain a library that makes opening/saving files easier and that uses the File System Access API as progressive enhancemen

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