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December 1st, 2021

@rauschma @firt @AnaestheticsApp @robwormald Adobe didn’t explicitly call it out, so probably not.

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@KaaFury My example was only one of several traps people can fall into. The extension trains you to think about those traps as you code, but I agree, a good set of lint rules is definitely great, too.

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🤔 Hmm, hilft denn da jemand b@Telekom_hilftlft?

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if (!’foo’ in bar) {
// foo not supported.

The above code is buggy 🐛. This would have been spotted easily with @captbaritone’s JavaScript operator precedence extension for @code: Brilliant idea!
(via @Vjeux.) ht

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@AnaestheticsApp @robwormald @rauschma Persisted storage definitely is last in the to-be-purged queue. But it can eventually still happen. API support for Android is tracked as

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RT @philwalton: 💡Want to ensure your pages are eligible for bfcache in Chrome—to get instant back and forward navigations?

DevTools recen…

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RT @pwabuilder: Check out all these cool open source demo PWAs in the @MicrosoftEdge PWA docs! Tons of REALLY GOOD code samples here😊https:…

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@robwormald @rauschma `StorageManager.persist()` in particular:

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RT @maudnals: Curious about Attribution Reporting? It’s a Privacy Sandbox API to measure ad conversions.
• Try the demo locally and check o…

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@Mustafa_x Congratulations on joining the flock! 🐦 *tweet, tweet

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