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December 31st, 2021

@stoyanstefanov @paulcalvano Train Wi-Fi is the new dialup for me. Old habits like the middle click on newsletter links never die.

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@stoyanstefanov @paulcalvano Modern optimizations like lazy-loading are actually harmful in such circumstances. Here’s an idea: disabling lazy-loading if the loading process happens in the background.

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@stoyanstefanov @paulcalvano “[I]f a web page loads in a background tab then does its load time really matter”? Just judging from my personal experiences, I load stuff (e.g., links in a newsletter) in the background when I know my connection is abysma

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RT @stoyanstefanov: 🪐Web Performance Calendar day #31 with @nicj
🔈 Self-Profiling Javascript API
🥳 Today’s articl…

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xkcd Formatting Meeting

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The Gift of It’s Your Problem Now, by â@apenwarrrr⁩. Really insightful post on the way open source works and how it

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