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December 22nd, 2021

@danbri @JohnMu This is where the analogy gets strong again. 😃

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@JohnMu @danbri Yepp, the analogy gets weaker. I guess the gist is: people shouldn’t have to worry about the engine as long as it lets them get their regular tasks done. Which boils down to defining what counts as a “regular task” on the Web. Browser vend

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@JohnMu @danbri The analogy becomes weaker here, but you’d choose a different engine (and car) when you want to drive in a desert or on a Formula 1 track (i.e., advanced apps) instead of the city, but with both a Jeep engine or a McLaren engine you could

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@danbri @AnaestheticsApp Analogy of course, not metaphor. And yes, I dug up the difference now, trying to improve my knowledge on multiple levels here…

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@danbri People definitely don’t know this, but it can be easily explained with metaphors: Cars are the browsers, and car engines are, well, the browser engines. Some cars share the same engine (examples: on the inside, but typical

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@danbri Absolutely correct, just on desktop, where this kind of behavior may be less expected.

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“My site is broken on DuckDuckGo’s browser” will be an interesting bug.

“In other words, on Windows, the browser will use Edge/Chromium rendering, and the same goes for Safari/Webkit on macOS.”

DuckDuckGo is working on a privacy-focused deskto

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@TheRealNooshu Thanks for taking the energy to write this up! Wishing the remaining 5% of G. the worst of times! All the best and much courage to you and your family. Hugs! 🤗

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