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December 24th, 2021

@_developit @_zouhir @glitch @github @code @PrettierCode Oh no. I have to say it burnt me once and I lost data and didn’t use it after that, but it was great _when_ it worked.

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@_zouhir @glitch @github @code @PrettierCode Glitch is infamous for its glitches where it would be down for a bit and apps would just not wake up. It’s gotten a lot better recently. I understand and think it’s only fair that apps sleep after a while o

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@_zouhir @Glitch has git export, @GitHub import and export, has immediate non-iframed hosting, and optionally gives you a server. I wish it had a slightly better uptime history and a richer editor (but there is a @code plugin for local editing, and it int

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Creating A Custom Range Input That Looks Consistent Across All Browsers: I can’t wait for ⁦@openuicg⁩ to make this process easier. Meanwhile, the generator tool linked from the article is the next bes

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