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December 20th, 2021

“Implemented `FileSystemFileHandle.getFile()`”. More File System Access API goodness coming to @webkit Safari! 💏

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@jcubic @ChromiumDev This specific feature’s origin trial will currently work exclusively on Chrome OS according to the tracking bug:

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💡 Actually SVGcode ( makes use of svgo internally for saving—the same library that powers SVGOMG ( But the best is that both tools can indeed play together super well thanks to the Async Clipboard API:

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New origin trial alert: Web App Dark Mode 🌒 Customize Web App Manifest properties like `background_color` according to the user’s preferred color scheme.
It’s already live in SVGcode:! See the source cod

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@rauschma I have mnemonics, so I use “General Motors” (`/gm`) or “gum” (well, `/gum`), etc.

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