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December 8th, 2021

@cramforce I mean technically it’s re-authentication I guess. It still knows who I am, yes. It’s super annoying nonetheless though, and, for example, Android never does this.

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@simevidas @addyosmani @marblewraith I assume this are people on older iPhones that don’t get updated anymore who are stuck with iOS 13/14.

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RT @shadeed9: ✍️ New Article: Defensive CSS

I compiled a list of defensive CSS techniques to avoid possible issues. This is usually a chec…

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@cramforce Can you start with corp. logging us out every, erm, whatever the period is, please?

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@quicksave2k I looked up the spec to see how much freedom to lie it leaves up to implementations: Fingerprinting mitigation is well mentioned there.

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Pretty clever use of the Service Worker APIs: serve a local folder of files in your browser for easy testing without having to run a server.

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@daKmoR @kennethrohde @littledan You folks are familiar with @stackblitz WebContainers I suppose:

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