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December 11th, 2021

@henrylim96 @argyleink It’s important to reduce motion that potentially causes negative effects like motion-triggered vestibular spectrum disorder:
Hovering a button and it slightly moves up? Fine ✅.
Scrolling a page and paral

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Kapwing: Powerful video editing for the web: Apps like this is why we have created ( for. 🤯

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@css Hey @chriscoyier 💋. Would you be interested in discussing some of the points on your list with a member (*cough*, me) of the Project Fugu 🐡 team?

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@johnwilander Congratulations, John! 🎈 Let’s see when it’ll be available in Germany…

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A 3min 56s conference talk where Alex “@slightlylate” Russell shows slides of network traces underlined by Die Toten Hosen’s song Hier kommt Alex: “Hey, hier kommt Alex! Vorhang auf für seine Horrorschau!” (

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@natadimou Tenure-track assistant professor in Leuven? Wow, massive congratulations 🎈, and really happy you technically stay part of Team Belgium 🇧🇪!

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@Jack_Franklin @TimvdLippe “Here are directions to GPS Intact Ltd., Edinburgh Rd, Trinidad & Tobago. By the way, the store might be closed by the time you arrive.”

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