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December 4th, 2021

@alexainslie @LeonieWatson @googlechrome To add to this: having this feature should by no means be seen as an excuse to no longer label one’s images. (By the way: feedback on my own image labeling here on Twitter is very welcome. I always try to describ

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RT @ChromiumDev: With an offline fallback page you can give your users a friendlier experience when they have trouble with the network. 💫 🔶…

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alexainslie Billions of images on the web today don’t have alt-text provided by creators/developers. That makes it difficult (sometimes impossible) for people who rely on screen readers to use the web.

To close the gap, @googlechrome can automatically generate labels for images.

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@sw12 They can! Just need to wait for Chromium 97: 🎉

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@hadleybeeman All the best for whatever comes next! 🎈

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@jaffathecake @ChromiumDev Might be worth discussing your idea with Beverloo. I don’t have enough background on the Android constraints (future and current).

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@jaffathecake @ChromiumDev Sad indeed, but talking to Beverloo, the decision—while disappointing because there was quite some developer excitement—makes sense.

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