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December 10th, 2021

@hochsays @simevidas Oh, great suggestion, and makes a lot of sense in hindsight 🤦. I’ll look into it after the weekend. Thanks so much for digging into this.

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@hochsays @simevidas (Been there on Monday. Hope you feel better now/soon.) The code is here:

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Awww 🥰. User statements like this ⤵️ are the best motivation. Thanks so much, Alba!

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RT @regocas: :focus-visible has just been enabled by default in @webkit! 🎉

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Breaking out of the [window] box [with #WindowControlsOverlay (… great overview article with a neat motivational example by ⁦@patrickbrosset⁩:

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MSEdgeDev The new Detached Elements Tool in Microsoft Edge DevTools helps you find and fix DOM memory leaks in your web app. Learn more on the blog:

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@rmondello @siracusa A while ago I requested support for the `BarcodeDetector` API in If this were implemented, devs could just throw the bare pixels at it and get the data out, even from a `table`-based QR code. (Yes, I get that

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@rauschma Oh, thanks for sharing. It’s one of these things that bothered me, but not enough to investigate. Finally I know how to mak@codede do what I want there.

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@simevidas @hochsays Yes, my suspicion is that the user gesture is counted as expired by WebKit. Need to investigate more.

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