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September 1st, 2021

@Accudio @TheRealNooshu @patmeenan @TimvdLippe Haha, nice. I’d wear the t-shirt if you printed one. Love the design!

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🧒‍💻 VS Code for the Web 🌐 reported via The original post is still available on but was taken down. Logging in on doesn’t work yet. This is super exciting, and a Project

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@TheRealNooshu @patmeenan @TimvdLippe Straight overwrite it was for me. Web space was too scarce for backups. Little known fact: the ‘y’ in SFTP stands for YOLO. ✌️

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@patmeenan @TheRealNooshu @TimvdLippe Pushing to main is the new making changes to the live site via an SFTP session.

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Added initial support for Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy (COEP)
Added initial support for Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy (COOP) That’s nice!

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@briankardell Sorry for your loss, Brian. Wishing you strength!

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@edent Yeah, the mobile UI is mostly nonexistent (but it’s workable to some extent). For Germany, we’ve freely accessible metadata about all books that one can buy here: It includes RDF machine-readable data, too. No purchase

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RT @ChromiumDev: Chrome 93 is rolling out now! @petele has all the details about it, including CSS Module Imports, the multi-screen window…

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@TheNix @hakimel @slides You can still do both, color input by default, eye dropper as a progressive enhancement. 😎

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@edent It also links out to library searches:

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@edent I guess the most global, yet obviously proprietary, way to link to a book’s at least neutral-ish buying options is through Google Books:

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RT @tomayac: 🎨 Loving the new `EyeDropper` Web API:

await new EyeDropper().open();
// Returns the picked color, e.g.,
// { “sRGBHex…

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@dietrich @intenttoship @yoavweiss Sounds like a plan to me!

Present: to RegEx
Simple past: RegExed
Present perfect: RegAxed 🪔

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@dietrich @intenttoship There’s a more “official” feed now: It has the same problem as mine, though. @yoavweiss was proposing to RegEx (if this is a verb) the HTML and write back the links to point back to the mailing list…

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@helmers 😂 It may well be. You can ask the photographer:

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@montogeek The better `<select>` is coming through @openuicg. We got this!

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@mariusclaret @web2033 @ChromiumDev This exactly. Any place you’d need to know the color of some pixel on the screen.

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More about this API in the @wicg_ explainer: or the draft spec:

It was already positively reviewed by the @w3ctag:

Mozilla position: ⏳
WebKit position:

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🎨 Loving the new `EyeDropper` Web API:

await new EyeDropper().open();
// Returns the picked color, e.g.,
// { “sRGBHex”: “#​ddd9e0” }

Try it in

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RT @webdevhistory: 1995: Apache and Microsoft IIS Shake Up the Web Server Market

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@soMelanieSaid @MSEdgeDev Good luck with the next endeavor. The things you did while at Microsoft were very beneficial for the Web! 💏

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scottjenson I posted a more impassioned blog post: The future needs files

I’ve wrestled with this post for months as it’s a topic so many misunderstand. I’ve tried to explain why files are so powerful, we don’t appreciate what we’ve lost with Mobile OSes.

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