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September 8th, 2021

@slightlylate @CassidyJames @rsms @seflless @dandclark1 @_shu This sounds like a deeper technical discussion that should be had in Thanks for your interest in the API!

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RT @ChromiumDev: Thanks everyone who took part in @tomayac’s survey on the Network Information API 🔶 (see quoted tweet).

The survey result…

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@dietrich @intenttoship Perfect, saw the Mozilla thread. Fingers crossed 🤞 that we will get all features back!

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RT @alenanik11: “inert” HTML attribute that allows blocking or restoring the keyboard interactions, just like aria-hidden and tabindex woul…

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RT @html5test: Chrome is the new Safari. And so are Edge and Firefox.

Third-party browsers on iOS are all using WebKit, even Chrome and Fi…

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@jensimmons @aneventapart Scrolling in combination with `flex-end`. See, which reproduces in Safari as in Chrome. Reduced test case:

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RT @Vincent_Scheib: We placed inspection tools in Chrome to help Bluetooth developers. lists other resources. http…

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@kennethrohde @mhartington 😔 Sorry for both of your losses. Wishing you strength!

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@firt @diekus Por cierto acaban de publicar esto:

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RT @GoogleOSS: 🔥 Using Saliency in progressive JPEG XL images

Getting images delivered fast is a crucial part of the web experience. Learn…

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I rarely retweet #job offers, but this role could be an important puzzle piece for helping Safari @webkit bug reporting make the best use of everyone’s time: bug reporters’ as well as browser feature engineers’.

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wesbos Neat comment from @Vinay24 about this - you can pass the .at() method a Math.random() value without flooring it.

This will forever change coding bootcamp Rock Paper Scissors solutions!

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@dietrich @intenttoship Thanks for all the work you’ve put in to make up for a Google Groups feature drop most of the people I spoke to at Google had no sympathy at all for. They can pry my RSS from my cold, dead hands.

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@jaffathecake Could this become a focus area for #Compat2021? CC: @foolip.

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@romulocintra @littledan @igalia Congratulations, Romulo! 🎈 You’re in great company at this great company.

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@mrdoob @webkit Plus on mobile it’s only supported on iPad, but not iPhone.

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RT @aardrian: You can feed alt text to your post thumbnail in OpenGraph:

Twitter card validator shows it:

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@j9t Good that they learned from the early errors of JSON and inherited the unique object key’s recommendation from RFC8259:

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@AdaRoseCannon There’s absolutely no doubt that your stuff belongs there. Academics self-cite all the freaking time, so why should you not just promote your amazing work?

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@edent @danbri Loving your Internet connected fridge, especially the “[h]idden on top of the fridge” cable installment. 😂

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