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September 15th, 2021

@Jack_Franklin @kritisapra_ @ChromeDevTools Makes sense. Good to know the eventual goal is on the horizon, but yeah, tooling needs to still catch up. Thanks for the replies!

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@MarcoInEnglish Oh, absolutely. Would happily read a potential write-up of what this new sensor enables you to do… 🧒‍🦯

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The @webdirections Code conference—happening on Sept. 17 & 24 with talks repeated in 3 blocks to cater for different time zones around the planet 🌎🌍🌏—has a really _dope_ schedule this year: I’ll talk about files (⤵ï

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DaleCurtis Ever wondered how video rendering works in Chromium? If so, check out this blog post I wrote about our evolution over the last few years:

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@cramforce @seldo I had to toggle off `prefers-reduced-motion: reduce` ( to see the problem. Great that Apple respect this user preference, not so great performance goes down once motion is accepted.

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@MarcoInEnglish Can’t really justify the switch, staying on my 11 Pro Max:

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Following a recent deprecation attempt of cross-origin iframe JS dialogs like `alert()` ( that caught many developers off-guard, Chrome is looking for feedback on ways this could be prevented from happening a next time: ⤵️. htt

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@ehsanakhgari @smfr I get that the initial scrolling down first-time rendering would be slow, but the scrolling-up rendering complete stop at the 20s mark seems weird. I don’t fully understand rendering nor Mighty, but are you saying it is not a video s

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awwbees hello friends! I am happy to announce that after 10 years of development, my project bespoke synth is finally ready for its full 1.0.0 release on mac, windows, and linux. you can get it for free at

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Signed Exchanges (SXG, support is coming to the Cloudflare CDN as a one-click solution: On browsers that don’t support SXG it just “falls back” to regular CDN delivery.

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@FredKSchott @FredKSchott about the scrappy beginnings of @snowpackjs. Thanks for documenting this!

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@ChromeDevTools @kritisapra_ Great blog post, thanks for the detailed run-through. Now that CSS import assertions ( are a thing, any plans to switch to those?

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RT @ChromiumDev: 🔆 Milestone dates and origin trial available from M95—so you can prepare for Chrome’s reduced user-agent! You need to take…

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@passle_ So good indeed that I added it to the footer of each of my blog posts:

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