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September 17th, 2021

@meabed @dannymoerkerke It works wherever the File System Access API works: Try it on desktop Chromium-based browsers like Edge or Chrome.

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dannymoerkerke I created a file tree Web Component that gives access the the file system of the user’s device through the File System Access API.

This API enables your site or PWA to open and save files on the user’s device.

Check out the demo:

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🚨 “Unless wealthy nations commit to tackling emissions now, the world is on a ‘catastrophic pathway’ to 2.7 degrees of heating by the end of the century”—@UN Secretary General @antonioguterres in We need to act now. V

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@briankardell And likewise. I wish we’d meet everyone a@webdirectionsns in person.

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@Th3S4mur41 @argyleink @jensimmons It was removed from HTML, but there is discussion around re-introducing it:

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@JecelynYeen @samthor Haha, that’s not too far off. Thank you! For the actual German pronunciation, check out `who/tsteiner` on the intranet. It’s more like “Shteiner”.

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@taybenlor Oh, thanks for the kind words, Ben! 😊 I have not seen the final cut myself yet, the APAC run would have happened between 3—7am local time, but I’ll be there for the EMEA and probably the AMERICAS run.

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chris_dumez BroadcastChannel & Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy / Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy headers are now supported on WebKit trunk. SharedArrayBuffer is back!

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