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September 5th, 2021

@msnegurski @sebastienlorber @domenic This typically means the “menu open” status is bookmarkable, especially with the `:target` hack. Not the worst and I have definitely done this, but it _can_ feel weird.

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@domenic @sebastienlorber The back button’s Android’s biggest UX issue if you ask me. As Domenic says, it’s heavily overloaded and IMHO not even consistently and predictably works for Android apps (talking about “views” vs. “dialogs” in the

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@passle_ @jon_neal @velara3 @jensimmons @webkit Same argument here. It’s just a bummer to not have `is`, but there are alternatives.

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@JonGarbee There are alternatives, sure, but I still think the use cases are compelling.

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@velara3 Not as far as I can tell, according to (Won’t Fix) and Maybe @jensimmons has a more up-to-date statement at hand? It’s definitely a feature developers would like to have @webkit Safari add supp

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Extending built-in HTML elements with the `is` attribute to supercharge their behavior: “Shakes fist at Safari.” ✊

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RT @_pazel: If you are building a #PWA checkout the Multi-Screen Window Placement API.
You can detect and utilise multi-screen use cases.

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