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September 22nd, 2021

@hochsays @cwilso @kosamari @DasSurma @jernoble It works fine on iOS 15.1 beta 1. You need to toggle mute to off. Web Audio is now supported by default.

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RT @ChromiumDev: Chrome 94 is rolling out now! The default color space for <canvas> is now formally defined, and you can change it. There’s…

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PwaSummit We’re currently at 850 registered attendees! We’re two weeks away; can y’all help us get to 1000 registrations? Help spread the PWA love!

The conference is free and will be live-streamed online! Register now!

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@Cambridgeport90 @voxpelli I believe it’s either scraped content or from an RSS feed. I doubt that The Register allow it.

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@voxpelli I just wonder why sites don’t ask for content take-down. From the Webmention side it just seems pingback indeed. I think live with it, or create a local blocklist.

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There’s a shady network of sites that re-publish other sites. An article on my blog was linked in, and now I get spam Webmentions like for all the sites that (illegitimately?) republish @TheRegister. What to

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An interesting academic study of In-App Browsers (IABs) on Android and iOS and how they deal with security issues of pages: [PDF]. No surprise that IABs based on Chrome Custom Tabs and `SFSafariViewController` performed best.

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RT @buildWithLit: The Lit team is proud to announce the stable release of Lit 2.0!

We would like to thank the Lit & web communities for al…

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@miketaylr Best. Illustration. Ever. 💯💌

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