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September 18th, 2021

@Paul_Kinlan Wow, wholehearted congratulations, Paul and Serene! Enjoy the day! 💰‍♀️🤵‍♂️

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RT @shadeed9: ✍️ New Article: CSS Container Query Units

I wrote an article explaining how the new CSS query units work, where and why we c…

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RT @sw12: Find and fix common form problems:

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@slightlylate @Paul_Kinlan @blackrabbit I had to re-check how I do A2HS detection in 🕵️ PWA Feature Detector, but I’m pretty sure I’m doing it right: This means it supports the event, but doesn’t fire it, and that’s,

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@slightlylate @Paul_Kinlan @blackrabbit Wait, it uses 1:1 the same user agent than the actual Chrome browser? That’s not great. User agent sniffing isn’t great either to be fair, but this ain’t Chrome and should not pretend it is.

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@ldenoue Not yet, but this might be possible with pickling: From there, you can also find the Chromium tracking bug to star ⭐️, so you’ll be notified of progress.

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ChowJS: an ahead-of-time (closed-source) JavaScript engine for game consoles:

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@mathias @MozDevNet Ah, makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the additional background. The original post mentions it indirectly: “`AggregateError` would be really useful in a `Promise.any` situation”. Good to know it was actually developed as a part of t

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#TIL about `AggregateError`: Some more info on ⁦@MozDevNet⁩:

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Analyzing the Wikipedia clickstream just got easier with WikiNav: WikiNav is an incredibly fun tool to explore the Wikipedia click stream graph. Example:

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