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September 16th, 2021

@khmyznikov Oh, interesting! Any link I could check out!

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ackriv Early Hints is multitasking for the Internet. It improves speed to brain-breaking pace. See for yourself in the beta!

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RT @brucel: The most inspiring Apple Event announcement

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RT @steveruizok: 🚀 Just pushed a 1.0.0 for perfect-freehand. This version includes changes to how “thinning” works, hence the major version…

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RT @katiehempenius: Web Vitals Patterns:

See how to implement common UX patterns in a way that is Core Web Vitals…

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@diekus I built a fun demo app that you can play with, let’s see if there’s at least a thing or two you don’t know yet in the talk. Likewise looking forward to your charla!

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RT @tomayac: @gruber @mtomweb @Dman228 @chrismlacy @gte @benthompson Insert “That’s just like, your opinion, man” meme here 💉……

For everyo…

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@gruber @mtomweb @Dman228 @chrismlacy @gte @benthompson Insert “That’s just like, your opinion, man” meme here 💉……

For everyone else working on creating app-like experiences on the Web, here’s my list of tips

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RT @ChromiumDev: Thanks to Web NFC, sport organizers can easily scan NFC tags for confirming athletes into a division during marshalling, a…

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@slightlylate Maybe Google Chrome ( and Microsoft Edge ( could fix it with their joint market power… 💪 But meanwhile it’s all sunshine and sparkles on the App Store:

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@mrdoob @KevinPicchi @SKGbopp Good luck with that. I hear it’s sold out everywhere. But yeah, a good excuse for sure. 😆

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@mrdoob @KevinPicchi @SKGbopp I wonder if something like a virtual ping pong game would be feasible? The latency seems good enough, at least on my M1 MacBook. (Yes, definitely living in a privileged work device bubble.)

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@mrdoob @KevinPicchi @SKGbopp Hehe, I wasn’t implying that. Just saying it doesn’t drift on mine. Did you calibrate yours on a Switch? I remember it _did_ drift earlier, but not anymore (and I did calibrate mine some weeks ago).

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@mrdoob @KevinPicchi @SKGbopp It may be your Joy-Cons. There’s no drift with mine.

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RT @tomayac: @KevinPicchi @SKGbopp Check out @mrdoob’s demo that is built on top of Joy-Con #WebHID. It’s buttery-s…

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@KevinPicchi @SKGbopp Check out @mrdoob’s demo that is built on top of Joy-Con #WebHID. It’s buttery-smooth!

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