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September 23rd, 2021

@JohnMu @sundarpichai Yeah, the numbers don’t really add up. It was 20% in _new_ office locations, so relocated to a new place, but they would be part of the 60% then. Anyways, I just quoted what we can publicly share because Sundar wrote it down. 😃

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@OpenHypervideo @OpenParlTV Quick feedback:
- Can this be a PWA? Adding a manifest ( and a baseline service worker ( should do the trick.
- Time period filter: Can the ticks be clickable and get a date tool

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Wow, Open Parliament TV is an incredibly(!) powerful tool for searching speeches held in the 🇩🇪 German @Bundestag. For example, here’s what all parties had to say this year about exiting coal energy: (Aside: I vote 🌻 http

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@steveruizok @tldraw Nice, I was missing this while it was gone. (Now wondering: What happened to file opening and saving?)

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RT @webmaxru: Introducing 🎵BPM Techno - a free online real-time beats-per-minute counter for the 🎧DJs:

- Browser-based, works on desktops…

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“[T]hese changes will result in a workforce where around 60% of Googlers are coming together in the office a few days a week, another 20% are working in new office locations, and 20% are working from home.”—@sundarpichai

I’m part of the latter 20% now.

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If you are on YouTube Premium (I am, since it also gives the whole family access to YouTube Music apart from no ads videos), head to on a Chromium-based desktop browser and toggle the “Download videos from your browser”

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