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January 7th, 2020

@KevinKelchen Ah, I see. This _should_ actually work, as long as the proper CORS headers are set, but it doesn’t work in practice:….

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@KevinKelchen The experience is distinct from downloading, though. It’s indeed a share to another app for onward processing, not a download. For “download”, the Native File System API is more of a game changer:….

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Looked a little closer at the Web Share API—Level 2 (that allows for the sharing of…9) today and discovered two interesting issues:
🤝 Cross-origin
🤝 Sharing “niche” MIME types like

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@oliverW42355990 I agree. I think this is more of an Android issue at this point, though, but I will hear around if there’s anything we can do on the Chrome side.

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@oliverW42355990 In case you’re interested, my issue concerns cross-origin sharing:

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@oliverW42355990 As promised getting back to you. I actually could share the example SVG from your CodePen. Note that a lot of apps like Hangouts don’t accept SVGs, but, for example, if you share to Gmail, it works, as proven by the screenshot.

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☹️ Sad smiley is sad. Source:….
Looks like Unicode Variation Selector-16 strikes…bo

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@j9t See… for _some_ user research on this question. No absolute usage numbers, though.

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philwalton 🚀 New article: how I use service workers to cut my site’s HTML payload size (and FCP) in half!

This is a fairly advanced technique, but it’s one of the best ways I know to improve perf—and users with limited data plans will thank you! 🙏…

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addyosmani Fantastic mobile web animations in React demos + talk by @alex_holachek. Lots of great tips about performance:


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jimmyg 1/ Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the introduction of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 5 for Mac. This was both the most important release of Internet Explorer for the Mac, and the last release. Here are some anecdotes and thoughts from an insider’s perspective. [thread]

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😂 Sometimes I am happy to be one of the members of the Chrome DevRel team in an office far from London. ⤵️…

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