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January 9th, 2020

RT @Paul_Kinlan: We’re hiring a Developer Advocate to focus Security and Privacy Sandbox.

Job ->…

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@adrianholovaty @ChromiumDev @BettyCrocker @petele Yeah, that’s another brilliant use case. Hope you can try the API. The article has all the pointers for getting started. 🎶

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RT @ChromiumDev: While baking cookies 🍪 from a recipe site, have you ever tapped your phone’s screen with your nose 💃🔲 to prevent it from s…

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@dalmaer @simevidas <!DOCTYPE html 🙏>

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@AaronGustafson @alistapart Approaches discussed in the Issue were to just allow IDB to store `Responses`, or a new `Cache.has()` method to get metadata.

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@AaronGustafson @alistapart Just added a pointer to your Explainer from the Issue. Maybe consider adding a “Related Work” section to your document and linking back.

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@stefanjudis It could work, maybe to convey something is happening or processing, but it probably should only be a temporary thing.

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@AaronGustafson @alistapart This is interesting! We have discussed adding metadata in the ServiceWorkers WG before:

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