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January 26th, 2020

“By requiring apps to use @webkit, Apple can rapidly and accurately address exploits across our entire user base and most effectively secure their privacy and security.”…l
…As they could w/ the _alleged_ kill…

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reillyeon Congress asked Apple a series of questions about this recently and the answers are honestly insulting to the other browser vendors.……

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@briankardell @cathiechen1 Ooops, sorry. I just skimmed the header and only saw Brian’s Twitter handle. Great article, congratulations, _both_!

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@develwoutacause The preference is system-wide, or, true, can be useragent-wide (one could choose to have one’s browser dark, but the OS light), but DevTools is in my humble opinion not an independent useragent within the browser. It is a special case,

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“Who Wrote That” is essentially `git blame` (awful name 😞), but for @Wikipedia content. Get it for @firefox/ Chrome (…). More details:….…

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@kennethrohde Yeah, I want as few people as possible to have to write this code (…) again. Looking at your file, directories is something browser-nativefs doesn’t handle yet—mostly because the fallback path is marked deeply red…

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@simevidas Try using on Firefox/Safari: perfectly usable. Try it on Chrome: even better. So my reply would be: yes, PE makes sense even with experimental APIs.

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