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January 14th, 2020

polymer 📖👀 Edge is starting a new chapter tomorrow! 🎉

📝 @straversi1 shows you how you can take advantage of its new WCs APIs to author a story component with excellent DevX using LitElement…

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@reillyeon 🚌 Bus lanes to the rescue, established 1963 in Hamburg:

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Log3overLog2 Chrome plans to phase out support for third-party cookies. “Our intention is to do this within two years.”…

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@bogas04 @styfle @rmondello @DasSurma @vexii12 @intenttoship @w3c @polyfillio This is something we have brought up in…. Feel free to chime in with additional use cases. Thanks!

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@tcurdt I guess that’s an adequate summary :-)

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The final puzzle piece of dark mode 🌒 support in Chrome comes together: we’ve just sent the Intent to Ship email for the CSS `color-scheme` property and meta tag:…. Here’s what it does:….

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Intent to deprecate and freeze the Chrome user-agent string in HTTP request headers as well as in `navigator.userAgent`:….

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@co60ca @ChromiumDev @petele The thing is, the current (no opt-in) work-around (playing an invisible video) is worse for many reasons and has the same effect as a `”screen”` wake lock, so we made `”screen”` no opt-in, too. Note, though, that the story is…

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