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January 16th, 2020

@searchliaison I’m the publisher of my blog and a Person, but to make the Structured Data Testing Tool happy I have to lie and say I’m an Org.:…. Is this working as intended?
Also my favicon isn’t…

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andrestaltz This font for code is cool, but its website is definitely amazing:

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@kennethrohde @marypcbuk @SeaRyanC @migueldeicaza We’re indeed working on standardizing all these capabilities, as outlined here:…. Your feedback on them is greatly welcomed.

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zachklein My 5yo asked, “How big is a wolf?”

So I Google it… Google’s first result is the option (in browser!) to place a realistic wolf in the room with us so we can walk around it and see for ourselves.

Magical. The closest I have felt to a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer.

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Earlier today, I read about @Vjeux’ s Excalidraw ✏️ (…) and thought it was a natural candidate for the Native File System API, so I opened a PR (…) and added it. Play with it on the preview deploy: …

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@puekey I don’t think there’s a definitive answer. My heuristic is: Does it follow the regular laws of physics and does it not feel overwhelming to me as a (mostly) insensitive-to-motion individual? If so, then probably it’s fine. But your users may

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