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January 10th, 2020

@HeyJonR @ChromiumDev This is good feedback, similar to Could you please open a new GitHub Issue where you suggest this: #NativeFS

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@claudiopro @wongmjane Support is pretty good by now I would say: 🌒

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Unicode Emoji QID is quite an interesting use case of @Wikidata; details here: Not sure it’s a good idea, here’re some pros and cons: (CC: @vrandezo, @nightrose)

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@rob_dodson @feedly Technically it’s Atom by the way: See the spec: Most people (including me in the Issue) call any feed “RSS”—no matter the actual format. The actual RSS feed format has an intere

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@rob_dodson Hehe 😉.

So, @feedly, if a feed contains a custom element, it seems like you swallow the contents: Example:

<span>I disappear on Feedly</span>

Is this working as

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RT @sw12: now has ‘self-assessments’:

Brilliant work from @kaycebasques , @devnook and Mic…

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jaffathecake We often talk about the gzipped size of libraries, but maybe it’s time we default to the brotli size?

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