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January 23rd, 2020

AaronGustafson Do you want your PWA to offer a custom titlebar? How do you think that should work? Here’s a proposal from @MicroAndMacro and Amanda Baker on my team.

We’d love your thoughts!…

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vrandezo Google Dataset Search is out of beta! 25 Million datasets indexed and growing quickly. Keep using it for your dataset needs!…

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Debug z-index stacking content with 3D View in the Microsoft Edge DevTools:…. This is a pretty neat addition!

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By the way, @Vjeux’ app also makes use of the Async Clipboard API (…) 📋, apart from the Native File System API 💾 that I have blogged about earlier.

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alexainslie 🎉 Type to switch tabs! I want to use this but in practice find it’s easy to miss the button on the right when typing fast. We’re playing with some improvements. To try work-in-progress stuff search in chrome://flags for “dedicated row”. /cc @_bklmn @yana88yu @googlechrome…

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@zachleat @Netlify Congratulations, Zach! This is great news for Eleventy and Netlify and the entire Jamstack community! 🎉

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📢 New blog post: Progressive Enhancement In the Age of Fugu 🐡 APIs:…. My view on supporting modern browsers to the best possible extent at the example of the Native File System API. 💾

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@kennethrohde @auchenberg @fractorious @gregwhitworth Related reading:… by @igrigorik. There’s still a lot of unpredictability even if you know exactly what resources you need.

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