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January 31st, 2020

@kennethrohde @Justinwillis96 @kylealden @Daniel_Rubino @jaffathecake @thejohnjansen @sayhello Yeah, the Background Fetch API to reliably and unobtrusively download the video files, and the Native File System API to store them. No expert on the DRM situat

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@kennethrohde @Justinwillis96 @kylealden @Daniel_Rubino @jaffathecake @thejohnjansen @sayhello I think it should work eventually. The missing piece at the moment is that file handles aren’t serializable yet. The file system related objects are exposed o

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SimoAhava My slides from 2020:…

The presentation details the past, present, and future of browser tracking protection/prevention mechanisms. The information is based on research published on

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bmeurer πŸ‘‹ Come and work with us on @ChromeDevTools! We’re specifically looking for frontend engineers with a passion for building developer tooling. πŸ‘©β€πŸ”§…

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