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January 22nd, 2020

@alexey_rodionov @b1tr0t @_alastair @andreban @Paul_Kinlan Just FYI (no concrete plans to pick this up yet): the Fugu bug for this is….

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kylealden Who’s ready to get started building websites and PWAs for dual-screen devices?

Check out @kevintgallo’s post to get started:…

Take a look at our proposed dual-screen layout features (and try @_zouhir’s polyfills) & let us know what you think! More soon.…

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lukOlejnik Apple/Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention is a mechanism intended to improve privacy. It was found to have privacy vulnerabilities allowing sites to track the user (and fingerprint), and to stealing web browser history of a user. Incredible find.…

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A fascinating deep dive into FOAF’s history, the Friend of a Friend network:….…

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addyosmani Puppeteer is great for headless browser testing.
Some tools to make it more awesome:

⏺ Puppeteer Recorder
🧪 Puppeteer Sandbox:
🃏 Puppeteer Jest
🍬 ..and more in Awesome Puppeteer

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