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July 2nd, 2021

Sorting colors in JavaScript: Nice exploration by @tomekdev_ with many interactive examples.

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@arjunbarrett @feross Oh, wow. That’s interesting. I@TypeSongng aware of this?

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@slightlylate @ericlaw @TypeSong Let me ask then: Hey, Adam, could we get Brotli support, please? 😂

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@feross And just to be sure, this isn’t belittling the user land library at all, it’s an awesome implementation that has immediately gone into my bookmarks when you shared it.

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@feross `if (‘CompressionStream’ in self) { // Use one-liner. } else { // Pull in library. }` seems like a decent strategy to me… 😃 Didn’t benchmark yet, but optimistic the built-in implementation beats any user land impl., especially when download

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RT @Paul_Kinlan: Mozilla set up the the BCD (Browser Compat Data) project and it’s a goldmine of information that we should use more.


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