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July 24th, 2021

@benmorss I asked: For representative image material, check

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@benmorss https://www.vincentvanvo… .com/bee-activism (Not linking directly on purpose. I’m not sure why the Wikipedia editors chose to feature this particular photo.)

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@briankardell @jordaust @jensimmons @cwiiis @igalia That’s great news! Been waiting for it for a long time!

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@firt @jensimmons +1 to everything on this list. Also File System Access ( and File Handling ( Plus a lot of subtle things like dealing differently with user gesture handling (

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xkcd Dual USB-C

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@samthor Yeah, I see how this could happen since the labels were missing, sorry. It’s not a percentage, but a compatibility score. See for the details.

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Extremely well written comparison between the Edgium-powered WebView2 and Electron, written by the â@electronjsjs⁩ team and reviewed by the Edge WebView2

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@Paul_Kinlan @aerotwist Same here. Team @AstraZeneca. The first dose had me knocked out for an entire day. The second dose I didn’t even notice.

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#Compat2021 mid-year update:

🔈 Chrome and Edge Dev went from 86 to 92.
🔈 Firefox went from 83 to 86.
🔈 Safari went from 64 to 82.

It’s improving! 🎉

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RT @AlexandreDevaux: Experimenting with Pose Estimation and #webgl
little demo here 😀
#Olympics @threejs https://…

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RT @ChromiumDev: 🔣 We’ve just published more detailed Privacy Sandbox milestones on the path to responsibly phasing out third-party cookies…

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@html5test Do you know something the general public doesn’t know? Stocking up on toilet paper 🧻 again? Oh, it’s printer paper this time. 😂

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@tobie @fantasai @W3CAB My immediate gut reaction response was “thank you for your service”. Then I saw your reply.

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