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July 5th, 2021

@TheRealNooshu It might be Safari, the actual browser, vs. SFSafariViewController, the default in-app browser used, e.g., by the Twitter app (different from customizable WKWebView, used, e.g., by the Facebook app). Both use an identical user agent. See

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RT @quicksave2k: I’m currently happily working on adding support for sharing PDF files with Web Share on Android, Chrome OS, and Windows.…

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@TheRealNooshu The string “604.1” identifies the layout engine. The current version sends “605.1.15”.

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@TheRealNooshu I think “604.1” is general Safari, too. “GSA” identifies the _G_oogle _S_earch _A_pp.

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samthor Obscure stuff about making parts of your pages inert!

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@TheRealNooshu @simevidas Looking at what _is_ there, could unknown be iPhone 4 and older? Some of those might still be around and work.

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@n8Schloss @slightlylate @gsnedders @ericlaw @jyasskin Are you talking about Facebook ad spam?

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