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July 23rd, 2021

@simevidas @opera @photopeacom Yeah, it seems like their bug tracker is private. The Jira ticket ID may help someone gain access maybe.

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Web Features That May Not Work As You’d Expect. Nice reminder of why on the Web we can’t have nice things and why.

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@technikhil314 @bramusblog No worries. I know what you mean, but in this particular instance (and many others) they are fully up-to-speed. In other areas, they have different priorities.

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@technikhil314 @bramusblog I find this comment unnecessarily negative. I don’t see a reason why Safari wouldn’t be interested in supporting this.

Reported: 2017-01-23 15:32 PST by Myles C. Maxfield (mmaxfield​@​apple​.com).—

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Chromium ain’t Chromium: @opera failing its users in hilarious ways: The Project Fugu 🐡 #FileSystemAccess API is currently not reliably usable in Opera 79 😔. Sorry for you, @photopeacom Opera users.

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RT @bramusblog: Prevent unwanted Layout Shifts caused by Scrollbars with the `scrollbar-gutter` CSS property



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RT @dluzar: Working on Excalidraw and Excalidraw+ we’ve been doing lots of modals. I thought I’d share some of the points from my experienc…

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