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July 7th, 2021

@fernap3 It’s described in this article:

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@fernap3 The idea behind this is to allow people to install (and then differentiate) the same app with different user profiles.

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RT @quicksave2k: To get it working, simply include the `Sec-CH-Prefers-Color-Scheme` in the response headers `Accept-CH` and `Critical-CH`.…

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RT @quicksave2k: Your backend can now inline the CSS for dark or light mode ☀️🌒 only into the response body thanks to the new `Sec-CH-Prefe…

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@slightlylate @Fyrd I’m working on something in this direction. Meanwhile, PWA Feature Detector ( is still up. The new thing is, no surprise, focused on Project Fugu 🐡 APIs. I’m vacationing for the next two weeks, but will h

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@mathias @argyleink The fix is easy: simply check if the result is not equal to ‘not-all’.

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@mathias @argyleink Missed an opening parenthesis in the second example, where’s the edit button?

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@mathias @argyleink This doesn’t take normalization into account: `(prefers-color-scheme:dark)` (which your CSS minifier may produce) is equally valid as `prefers-color-scheme: dark)` (the browser normalizes both). Here’s my take on this problem:

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