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July 26th, 2021

RT @jeffposnick: ❔ What’s the difference between precaching and runtime caching? Which should your @workboxjs powered service worker use?…

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#GoogleIO lies a couple of months back now, and because it was so busy maybe some of the “amazing video, great story” (@Paul_Kinlan) content has fallen through the cracks. Here’s your chance to catch up:

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@Mandy_Kerr @PixelAmbacht @abrax5 is the person to approach for this.

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@slightlylate Where’s the “burn” 🔥 emoji reaction for regular tweets that aren’t DMs?

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@edent Get and sell it to Lionel Messi for his new “LEO MESSI WEBSIDE” (actual quote

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@slightlylate @jaffathecake “The resolution CSS media feature can be used to test the pixel density of the output device.”— Cache invalidation and naming things…

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@denladeside @reillyeon @html5test Really nice! What do you control with it? 🤖

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