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July 27th, 2021

Interesting slides on Apple’s Private Relay feature: [PDF]. #TIL about the `Sec-CH-Geohash` HTTP client hint header (, which uses Geohash (

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FYI @arnaudbrousseau, who may still have contacts to there from his previous job. (Also: hi 💋! Hope you’re doing fine.)

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@danbri @samuelgoto @RubenVerborgh @sf433 @timberners_lee The `gender` field accepts free text: Naively that’s where I’d have put pronouns. Or maybe `honorificPrefix` or `honorificSuffix`, which both accept free text, too: htt

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@simevidas @jensimmons This app is a perfect example for an app that could use the Screen Wake Lock API ( & It just dimmed the screen, then turned it off mid workout. Also: no sound output on iOS, not sure

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You shouldn’t build in-app “browsers” (IA“B”; by @slightlylate or by yours truly), but @yelp’s IA“B” is next-level horrible: it makes sites that perfectly redirect traffic to HTTPS look bad b

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@feross @Wormhole_App Growth hacking at its best. 😂

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