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July 8th, 2021

npm audit: Broken by Design, by ⁦@dan_abramov⁩. I have stopped caring for these “issues” a while ago after carefully “fixing” my dependencies for way too long.

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RT @slightlylate: Git worktrees are one of those features I heard about and low-grade wanted to use ever since.

Finally banged my head aga…

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RonAmadeo So @lmanul quit Google and released a bunch of internal-only Google comics, and I have a favorite.

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@feross @ChromiumDev @MSEdgeDev @webkit @mozhacks We should properly document this and add it to On vacation now, but taking an action item on me to do this.

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RT @ricmac: New @webdevhistory post tackles 1998 in #webdevelopment. Microsoft had usurped Netscape in the browser market by the end of 199…

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