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July 21st, 2021

RT @ChromiumDev: SVG app icons for Progressive Web Apps have a hidden super power 🦸: they are dark mode aware. Read about the caveats in @t…

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@nhoizey ICYMI: This works on Android (12, didn’t test older versions yet).

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@4esn0k I just tried it on Android 12 and it worked :-)

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Dark mode Web App Manifest app icons ☀️🌒: Can one use SVG app icons that are reactive to `prefers-color-scheme`?

Read on to find out:!

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@nhoizey At least not anymore on macOS where I tested this. I have a blog post coming up, deploying to the server now.

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@aakansha1216 Have you tried listening to this tweet? Now imagine being a screen reader user and having to suffer through this… Please just use regular characters.

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I was asked if one could use SVG web app manifest icons that are reactive to `prefers-color-scheme`.

The answer’s yes, but icons won’t update dynamically but keep the initial dark or light mode look—whatever you had the system set to at install time.

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@tedmasterweb @ChromeDevTools A way to let you test new browser features with real users of your site. Please see for the details.

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@netspooky LOL, that’s an expensive way to buy you one of those… #InternetOfShit

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RT @samthor: Some tiny notes on async in JS.

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@denladeside @mhartington In my opinion it all boils down to making the tracking transparent. See the UI reflections in the “Closing thoughts” section of my post

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RT @paul_irish: @simevidas here’s a random thank-you for this quality SO answer on DOM Attributes vs Properties: 🙏…

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@paul_irish @simevidas +1, this is a really great answer. I’ve “learned” this by trial and error, and only _understood_ the concepts behind long after examining the symptoms.

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@slightlylate @jyasskin Let’s from now on just spell it like IA“B”.

Or like IA✌️B✌️ if you prefer the scare quotes emoji version.

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