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July 4th, 2021

@TheRealNooshu @simevidas Wow, that’s noticeable indeed. Thanks for checking!

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@simevidas Not sure if the Google app is visible in @TheRealNooshu’s stats. It should be relatively popular.

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`export default thing` is different to `export { thing as default }`. Thanks to ⁦@jaffathecake⁩ for exploring such questions and writing down the answers.

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@adrianholovaty @wanderview @slightlylate Just ran into this: WebViews are the Web’s greatest foes.

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The Google app (, which ousts Chrome ( in download popularity on iOS/iPadOS according to the App Store stats, is still not entitled as a browser ( This means it lacks basic features

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@belett @wikidata Probably you have exceeded your Google Sheets request quota. It should be reset each 24h.

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