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August 3rd, 2022

@Benjamin_Aster It would allow someone like Adobe to implement performance-critical and file-based read-write operations: Something we’ve also seen folks like DuckDB or SQLite be interested in with their Wasm ports.

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If you’re interested in the `show*Picker()` methods, star ⭐️ the bug to be notified of progress.

🔂 `showOpenFilePicker()`
💾 `showSaveFilePicker()`
🗄️ `showDirectoryPicker()`

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In case you’re not camping out ⛺️ on the blink-dev mailing list as I do: It was just announced that there are plans to ship the File System Access API on Android and WebView: There’s one “but”, which is that this won’t include

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Is Android finally going to fix my favorite pet peeve with the platform that you can never really be sure where you’re going “back” to? 🔙

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@rauschma My favorite “Heisenbug” when I was not aware of the problem. Another way of dealing with this is to reset `lastIndex` after each iteration, since it’s writable:

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RT @jaffathecake: 🔝 New docs for page transitions! Lots of demos and effects for the kinds of transitions you can create, but I bet you fol…

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From seawater to drinking water, with the push of a button:

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@danbri If true, this’d be incredible news. I wish sea water desalination was one of the Google X or even Elon Musk projects.
Gotta love the funding of this project, too:
🚫 Make clean water available to anyone.
✅ Make clean water availabl

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