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August 9th, 2022

@AnaestheticsApp @diekus While annoying, this can at least be worked around:

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RT @cooperx86: An extensive independent list of Twitter’s search operators and advanced search techniques: — lots o…

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RT @agektmr: Chrome 105 Beta: Custom Highlighting, Fetch Upload Streaming, and More

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tomayac I use this in SVGcode (, where the form fields jarringly stand out (`select` at the bottom) or are hard to see (`input[type=range]`) in dark mode on Safari. It all looks fine in Chrome.

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RT @tomayac: Bug? 🐛 Apparently `color-scheme` can’t be assigned a value via a CSS variable in Safari: Compare the…

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RT @Una: Wowow did you see all of the new patterns that just landed from @argyleink’s GUI Challenges series?!

🥳 So many new patterns for y…

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