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August 22nd, 2022

ChromiumDev 📢 Twitter Space pre-announcement: tomorrow, Tuesday, August 23, @tomayac and @petele will be your hosts for the Project Fugu 🐡 Space to chat about modern web capabilities, life, and how Pete mutes himself 🤐 in online meetings! See you there:!

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@tomduncalf Yeah, at this point in time I’m all for reducing screen size if it comes at the benefit of smaller pixels.

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@rahul1sethi I thought so, too, for a moment, but then realized it was just displaying everything bigger (plus letterboxed). You can optimize for the built-in Retina screen or the external screen, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to do magic.

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@JonasKuske Yes, this was one of the first things that I tried. It doesn’t make a huge difference unfortunately.

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jeziorny_ @tomayac Some background info - not an easy task to find a good display. Even a 4K display at 27 inch shows details less than ideally.
I always have some difficulties switching between a 5K iMac and an old HD display, especially with…

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@sarajwallen I’m using the screen at its highest native resolution. There don’t seem to be any font settings in the current Ventura 13 beta.

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@sarajwallen I get the physics. The screen is about 50–60cm away from my eyes. I’m really just wondering how others cope with this. Did you not work on Retina screens to begin with and hence aren’t spoiled? Or do you all get 4K, 5K, or higher DPI screen

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I’ve been working on a 13 inch MacBook Pro’s 2,560×1,600 screen for the last couple of months and am now trying to make the switch to a 27 inch Lenovo screen at 2,560×1,440. I can’t help, but this screen looks bad. Did fonts always seem that pixely? Is

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RGadellaa 📢 New blog post! TL;DR: Users are being spied on, websites are broken and hijacked.

It’s re-hashing a lot of what’s already been written on the subject of In-App Browsers, but I hope this’ll contribute a few useful thoughts, examples and… well. That.…

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