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August 31st, 2022

ChromiumDev 📢 Chrome is deprecating and eventually removing Web SQL! Read @tomayac’s post that details all the steps for getting there.

[📍 We are here] Chrome 105 shows a deprecation warning in the DevTools Issues panel when you use Web SQL in non-secure contexts.…

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@kilianvalkhof Making it a no-op came up before. My thoughts:…. It may well be _not_ a problem, but at first glance it seems challenging.

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The 🇪🇺 EU–Russia visa faciliation…3W) is suspended. Well donene 🇺…uA

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@joseph_silber @AshleyGullen I wonder if this would make it even harder to debug. By potentially having no-op behavior when in incogito mode or when blocking cookies, developers would always need to have a write operation followed by a read operation to s

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@sitnikcode @Mitsunee Note that literally just accessing `window.localStorage` fails. But if you `try…catch` all instances, you should be good.

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@CrosExperts @ianwill93 @Google Thanks, Ian, for writing about the 🐡 Project Fugu API Showcase!…

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A friendly reminder that the 🐡 Project Fugu API Showcase is open for submissions:… (search for “anonymous form”).

“We use a lot of ‘Fugu’ APIs in our products, too. CrosKeys uses Async Clipboard, CrosPaper uses Web Codecs[.]”…

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@kurtextrem Hopefully more will after reading this blog post. ☺️

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Th3S4mur41 TIL that blocking 🍪 has a much bigger impact on web functionalities than one would expect 🤯…

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kennethrohde Due to devices (streaming sticks, gaming consoles, etc.) having varying level of web support (some quite poor), both Prime and Disney+ are basically Web Assembly (Wasm) apps today and just distribute the Wasm Runtime, like WAMR:……

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@rachelandrew If @sw12, you, and me happen to be there at the same time, I guess we can team up for a nice run!

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@hdjirdeh Obvious question: Did you run a speed test?

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🤩 Chrome 105 is a great release: container queries and `:has()` as the two CSS launches, and the Sanitizer API as a security feature. See @petele’s blog post for the full summary!…

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It’s incredibly inspiring to see @navalny’s and his team’s work result in the List of 6,000:…. Sanction every single one of the individuals on this list! 🇺🇦…

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@edent LOL, I love that it’s even linkable. 😂

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somebitsLinks Twitter vs porn $: A plan for subscriptions for adult content on Twitter ran into their inability to police content…
- twitter sex onlyfans porn culture safety tirefire

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@jensimmons @AdaRoseCannon What. The. Actual. Fsck?

The rules are very clear: “TPAC attendees must wear a mask at all times in all common spaces and meeting rooms, except when consuming food or beverages.”…j. You should escala

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@jyasskin @marcosc @krosylight @mgiuca It was targeting Chrome for macOS. 😂 Just need to unflag the behind a flag implementation.

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