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August 4th, 2022

TerribleMia There’s a long-standing CSS ‘best practice’ to remove units from zero-values. But there are many cases where that will break your code!

I explore the reasons for that, when to use zero-units, and the problems with over-eager lint & minification tools:…

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A Complete Guide to CSS Cascade Layers:…. The most concise introduction to Cascade Layers I’ve seen so far. Great work, @TerribleMia 👏!

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Una 🚨 Chrome 105 is a HUGE release! (stable Aug 30)

🤯 :has() & size container queries are BOTH landing!

These are 2 powerhouse APIs for responsive, component-based design. Together they unlock so many possibilities!

I wrote a post on how to combine them:…

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ChromiumDev Chrome 105 includes the :has() pseudo-class. This gives us the long-awaited parent selector, but it can be so much more. Get all the details in this post from @jh3yy

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