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August 11th, 2022

Great thread in the defense of WebView-based in-app browsers from @patmeenan, who’s been working on Facebook’s. ⤵️ Hear him out with an open mind!…

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@simevidas @slightlylate For those following along, I have opened an interoperability issue for this difference in behavior:…. 📋 The initial tweet and the material is credited to you, Šime.

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@andreban Or make the request from outside the WebView, strip the response header, and then inject the modified response. 🤔 Or maybe `shouldInterceptRequest()` allows to modify the response headers directly?

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@lajava77 @regocas @googlechrome Fascinating read, thanks for writing this up. I touched the topic in the context of…, but little did I know about the internals. Also: yay for IPFS support. Brave already supports it if I recall corr

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@KrauseFx FWIW, when I looked, they didn’t seem able to do anything completely unexpected with the injected script data that I saw.

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@simevidas @slightlylate Ah, the spec mentions remote clipboard synchronization as a use case that needs to work without user gesture:….

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@Paul_Kinlan The devil 👿 is always in the details: “If the idea is for this file to be copyable to a directory on the user’s machine, we would need some mechanism for running Safe Browsing checks before copying a file from the sandboxed file system…

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@simevidas @slightlylate The clipboard-write permission was removed in…, but I’m a little surprised, too, that no user gesture is required:…. The article should probably say what Alex’ tweet says regarding

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@mrdoob @alexanderdanilo @grorgwork 👀 Do you have history links for both CSS3D and `<canvas>`? You got me intrigued now.

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Oh, neat: `<dark-mode-toggle>` (…) 🌒 is the featured item in the “🔧 Code, Tools & Resources” section on Frontend Focus this week:

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Due to recent chatter (see quoted tweet ⤵️), if you need to inspect a WebView like Facebook’s, I’ve documented how to do this some time ago:….…

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👀 Interesting proposal by ⁦@adrianholovaty⁩ for WebViews to honor the desire of websites not to be framed by respecting the `X-Frame-Options: DENY` header value (equivalent to `Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors ‘none’;`)…

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claviska ElementInternals was just merged into WebKit!…

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dannymoerkerke Push notifications now work in Safari Tech Preview on MacOS Ventura!

Notifications are even shown when Safari is not running.

I put together a demo project so you can test for yourself.

Although this is a great start, there are still some issues

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